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Multi-Piece Votive Wrap (Lace)

Create alluring ambience for your home or next event with a stunning multi-piece lace votive wrap! Simply stitch each piece onto water soluble stabilizer, then rinse and hand sew the pieces together. Project instructions below will show you how!


To create your multi-piece lace votive wrap, you'll need:

  • Mesmerizing Owl Candle Wrap (Lace) or other  multi-piece lace votive wrap embroidery design
  • Embroidery thread
  • Water-soluble Stabilizer
  • Hand sewing needle or clear drying fabric glue
  • 75/11 sewing machine needle
  • Electric votive or tea light
  • Scissors 

Products Used

  • Mesmerizing Owl Candle Wrap (Lace) (Sku: EMP17553-1)

Steps To Complete

Freestanding lace designs have been specially digitized for water-soluble stabilizer. After the stabilizer is removed, beautiful embroidery remains. When you download the design, you will find multiple embroidery files which contain all the pieces of the design.

There are a couple of different kinds of water-soluble stabilizer.

One is clear and plastic, and that brand is Sulky Ultra Solvy. The other is soft and fibrous, called Vilene. Both will work very well. Vilene is used in this demonstration.  

Use a size 11 or 75/11 sharp sewing needle. A sharp sewing needle has a smaller, finer point than an embroidery needle. That means it will make smaller holes in the stabilizer.

Hoop the stabilizer firmly. Make sure it is nice and tight with no wrinkles.

As the freestanding lace will be seen from both sides, wind a bobbin to match every thread color used in the design.

Attach the hoop to the machine and load file "a." Follow the color change sheet and embroider all of the design using a matching bobbin.

After embroidering, trim away the excess stabilizer.

The stabilizer's packaging should give instructions for removing the excess. For Vilene, soak the embroidered lace for a few minutes.

Allow the lace to air dry and then press it with a pressing cloth between the lace and your iron.

Repeat the steps above to embroider the rest of the lace pieces. The first file will be the candle wrap's band (file "a") and any other files will be accent pieces.

To assemble the candle wrap, position the accent piece (file "b") on top of the band (file "a") as shown in the product photos.

Make sure the wrong side of the accent piece is against the right Side of the band. This way the right sides of all pieces will be facing out once assembled. Use a hand sewing needle and sew the two pieces together. 

You can also use clear drying fabric glue if preferred, but make sure to hold pieces in place until the glue dries.

Finally, match up the ends of the band and make sure that the right side of the lace is facing out. Hand sew or use glue to join the ends together.

Place an electric or battery powered votive candle or tea light into the lace holder, bottom first. The smaller size fits a tea light and the larger size fits a votive candle.

For safety, only use electric votive candles or tea lights. Do not use a real candle inside of the lace as it can melt or start on fire.