Thread List

Design Name: Bastet (UT12337)

Size: 3.94"w x 6.85"h (100 x 174mm)

Stitches: 17841

Thread numbers refer to Madeira 40 wt. rayon, and metallic thread where noted.

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Thread Order:
1 Light Emerald Green #1101 eyes
2 Emerald Black #1000 pupils
3 Madeira Metallic Light Yellow Gold #4006 arm bands, tail bands, ear details, eye details
4 Super White #1001 cat details, cat borders
5 Madeira Metallic Light Yellow Gold #4006 head detail, necklace

Threads Used:
Light Emerald Green #1101
Emerald Black #1000
Madeira Metallic Light Yellow Gold #4006
Super White #1001