Thread List

Design Name: Layered Butterfly (Lace) (UTZ2512)

Size: 6.81"w x 4.84"h (173 x 123mm)

Stitches: 67606

Thread numbers refer to Madeira 40 wt. rayon, and Madeira Cotona 30 wt. thread where noted (use 30 to 50 wt. cotton thread).

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Thread Order:
1 Madeira Cotona White #502 large wing piece: battenburg lace
2 Super White #1001 inner lace detail
3 Madeira Cotona White #502 small wing piece: battenburg lace
4 Super White #1001 inner lace detail
5 Super White #1001 body: all

Threads Used:
Madeira Cotona White #502
Super White #1001