Fluffy Yeti

At this point in the holiday season, you may be a bit tired of all the usual holiday stuff. Santas, sleighs, holly and the rest. You know what’s something that you probably don’t get enough of during this winter season? Fluffy yetis. You heard me. There can never be too many fluffy yetis. If you still feel like you could add a little holiday sparkle, you could always give them tiny Santa hats.

Either way, fluffy yetis are a thing that really need to happen. Here’s what you’ll need to make yours:

  • Awesome little yeti design
  • Furry fabric. White is a common yeti color, but yetis don’t discriminate. Yetis do prefer to be fluffy though.
  • Tearaway stabilizer
  • Light water-soluble stabilizer, such as Sulky Solvy, for topping
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Spray adhesive
  • Ribbon, if you wish your yeti to be an ornament and make your tree more yeti-tastic

To start, print your yeti dieline files, and cut out two yeti pieces out of your fuzzy fabric.

Ready to get this yeti rocking? Hoop up a piece of your tearaway stabilizer. The first thing that will stitch is a dieline. Lightly spray the back of your yeti piece, and place it on top of the dieline. Next lay a small sheet of your light water-soluble stabilizer on top. You can tape it down around the edges to keep it from shifting. This topping is only used to keep the furry fabric from getting into the stitches too much. When you start you machine again, a dieline will stitch, along with your little happy yeti face and tummy.

When that step is done, carefully tear away that top layer of stabilizer. If you wish your yeti to be an ornament, add a loop of ribbon pointing inwards. Otherwise, just very lightly spray the furry side of your other yeti piece, and lay it down on top. A final dieline will stitch the two layers together, and you can tear your yeti free!

In a step that is undoubtedly going to look a little painful for your yeti, turn him right side out through the little opening left at the side.

Ahh... much better! It may help to take a pencil and push out his arms and legs all the way.

Your happy little yeti is looking pleased as punch to be here. Except, he’s looking a little flat...

Stuff him full and plump with polyfill! If there are two things yetis love to be, it’s fuzzy and plump.

When your yeti has eaten enough polyfill, hand-stitch the opening shut with matching thread.

Poof! Instant fluffy yeti. Isn’t he too darn cute?

Fluffy yetis love playing in fake snow, or in and around your Christmas tree. They have also been known to hide in stockings. They love having other fluffy friends, so make a bunch!

Psst...they also get along fabulously with fluffy unicorns!

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