Leafy Lace Hair Accessories

Whether you want to look like a Greek goddess or just add a little fresh excitement to your hair, the Lovely Lace Leaf design is a perfect way to accessorize your outfits -- from casual to classy. This project tutorial will show three of the infinite ways to easily construct a beautiful and unique hair accessory using this design.

You will need the following to create your leafy lace hair accessory:



Decide what your formation will look like. If you haven't stitched your pieces out yet, you can use printed templates of the design to help you decide what look to go for. If you do not have embroidery software to print templates, you can download Wilcom's free TrueSizer program here. If you need a reminder on how to print templates, read this.

After you've decided your formation with templates, begin by stitching each piece of freestanding lace on water soluble stabilizer using cotton thread, then dry completely (here's more on stitching freestanding lace).

For this piece I used two "A" files of the Lovely Leaf (Lace) design and four "B" files stitchout out. No matter your formation, use tiny dabs of hot glue to adhere the pieces together.  I chose a clear plastic hair comb to tie the pieces together in the classic Greek laurel wreath look.



If you choose to use a hair comb, line the top of the comb with hot glue, then press the comb down firmly on the back side of your lace. Let dry completely.

I used gold metallic paint to give this piece a regal look. I recommend either acrylic paint or fabric paint for this task. Let your piece dry completely before use.



There you have it; a classic and beautiful hair accessory!

Our next example involves mixing colors and shapes on a hair clip. Begin by deciding on your arrangement and colors. Remember to use 100% cotton thread for this design for best results.



Adhere your leaf pieces together, then run a line of hot glue along the clip before setting your lace in place. Let dry completely.

This beautiful lace accent is a simple and easy way to dress up outfits for any season. Use a variety of colors, alternating or even ombred for different looks.



Our next hair accessory idea is to line your lace along a headband. Stitch out one "A" file, and three to five "B" files using 100% cotton thread on heavy duty water soluble stabilizer. Rinse and dry completely.

Start with your "A" piece. Line the back middle stem of the leaf with hot glue.



Press your piece firmly in place, about 1/3 of the side up your headband (depending on how much you are covering with your pieces).

Line the back of your next leaf pieces and keep placing them firmly on your headband, down the line.



Ta-dah! Once your pieces are dry, this pretty accessory is ready to rock!

Accent clips, headbands, and full ornaments are a perfect way to dress up any outfit! Have fun experimenting with different colors, beading, rhinestones, and paint -- the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


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