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Soft Scalloped Brooch_image Soft Scalloped Brooch Bring your outfits a bit of vintage flair with this pretty lace brooch.
Freestanding Organza_image Freestanding Organza Create vivid and dynamic ocean embroidery with designs spcifically digitized for freestanding organza!
Blooming Lace Bouquet_image Blooming Lace Bouquet Craft a blooming bouquet of freestanding lace flowers for your home or events!
3D Organza Flower_image 3D Organza Flower Make your projects pop with this soft and elegant 3D organza flower bloom!
Pocket Pairs_image Pocket Pairs Embroider a friendly critter with a sassy pocket onto shirts and accessories with this simple tutorial.
DIY Embroidered Patches_image DIY Embroidered Patches Add unique character to jackets, shoes, accessories, and more with your favorite embroidery designs!
Lace Wing Shirt_image Lace Wing Shirt Take flight! Embellish your favorite tops with these freestanding lace wings.
Applique Sweater Repeat_image Applique Sweater Repeat Repeat your favorite applique design, such as this Argyle Skull design on sweaters and more!
Embroidered Cowl Scarf_image Embroidered Cowl Scarf Whether you're looking for a sweet gift idea or a way to keep warm, this embroidered scarf is a quick and classic project!
Award Winning Ribbons_image Award Winning Ribbons Dress up any patch by making them into award ribbons. This tutorial covers two simple and distinct ways to do it.
Sleep Masks_image Sleep Masks Take a restful cat nap in this adorable in-the-hoop eye mask!
Leafy Lace Hair Accessories_image Leafy Lace Hair Accessories Add some intrigue to your fashion wardrobe with this quick and easy freestanding lace accessory!
Lace Fan_image Lace Fan Stitch up a beautiful freestanding lace fan -- the perfect accessory to wedding dresses, costumes, classy outfits and more!
Embroidering on a Floppy Hat_image Embroidering on a Floppy Hat Customize a great summer accessory -- the fashionable floppy hat with some beautiful embroidery!
Unique & Offbeat Monogramming_image Unique & Offbeat Monogramming Whether you are following tradition or crafting your own style, monogramming is the perfect way to personalize gifts and more!
Lace Flower Projects_image Lace Flower Projects Craft your freestanding lace Wildflower into an amazing array of projects for the home or special events.
Metallic Dipped Lace_image Metallic Dipped Lace Give your freestanding lace projects a shimmering metallic look with this quick and easy tutorial!
Dark Adornments_image Dark Adornments Learn how to stitch and assmble these dark and elegant freestanding lace designs from the Dark Adornments collection.
Craft Tote_image Craft Tote Keep your crafting tools organized in this personalized multi-pocket tote bag!
Dice Bag_image Dice Bag Grab your game dice, it's time to create the perfect flat-bottomed drawstring dice bag!
Noggin Nanimals Hats_image Noggin Nanimals Hats Create a fun and funky hat for little (and big!) imaginations using your favorite character from the Noggin Nanimals face designs.
Using Alignment Stitches_image Using Alignment Stitches Perfectly place the three sections of the Ascending Hawk design with spcial alignment stitches.
Lace Bow_image Lace Bow Simple, sweet and easy to make, this adorable lace bow is the perfect addition to accessories, clothes and even little toys!
Lunar Scarf_image Lunar Scarf Make a beautiful and unqiue lunar scarf using light stitching moon phase embroidery designs and fabric paint.
Passport Cover_image Passport Cover See the world in style! Protect your passport and showcase some beautiful embroidery with this simple-to-stitch passport cover.
Charm Stack Bracelets_image Charm Stack Bracelets Embroider a collection of tiny freestanding lace charms, then string them together into a fashionable stack of bracelets!
Lace Cuff_image Lace Cuff This dramatic fashion statement is so simple to make: stitch the freestanding lace, weave a ribbon through the middle, and wear!
Nautical Tote_image Nautical Tote Craft a chill, casual look with this beachy tote! Fabric paint and rope accents mix with light, layered embroidery in this quick project.
Lace Accent Necklace_image Lace Accent Necklace Craft a dramatic asymmetrical necklace using freestanding lace. Makes a beautifully dramatic statement, day or night!
Lace-Up Choker_image Lace-Up Choker Craft a dramatic look with this corset choker design! Stitch two pieces on water-soluble stabilizer, then lace them together with ribbon.