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In-the-Hoop Unicorn Cup Cozy_image In-the-Hoop Unicorn Cup Cozy Cute details, a Velcro closure, and a three-piece construction option for smaller hoops make this project as convenient as it is charming.
In-the-Hoop Leather Clutch_image In-the-Hoop Leather Clutch Stitch a stylish clutch purse that will make the perfect accetn to a wide variety of outfits. We'll show you how to stitch this unique in-the-hoop design!
In-the-Hoop Lace Front Zipper Clutch_image In-the-Hoop Lace Front Zipper Clutch Craft the perfect blend of casual and chic with this in-the-hoop design! A curved lace flap, an optional wrist strap, and a pretty button of your choice add unique flair to a rectangular zipper clutch.
In-the-Hoop Zipper-Back Pouch_image In-the-Hoop Zipper-Back Pouch This specialized in-the-hoop design makes stitching a little zipper pouch quick and simple -- and adorable embroidered details add the perfect finishing touch.
In-the-Hoop Applique Trivet_image In-the-Hoop Applique Trivet Sweeten up your kitchen decor with stylish trivets stitched in-the-hoop! We'll show you step-by-step how to create your own applique trivets!
In-the-Hoop Wallet_image In-the-Hoop Wallet This in-the-hoop wallet design features a decorative compass rose motif, perfect for the wanderer at heart. Your choice of outer and lining fabrics will make it one-of-a-kind!
In-the-Hoop Tabletop Tree_image In-the-Hoop Tabletop Tree Craft a sleek, modern twist on Christmas decor with these pretty tabletop trees! Stitch each delicately decorated fabric tree in-the-hoop, then slip over a wooden base.
In-the-Hoop Candy Hugger_image In-the-Hoop Candy Hugger Holiday gifts just got a whole lot sweeter! Give candy, treats, and money with these in-the-hoop candy huggers.
Front Flap Purse (In-theHoop)_image Front Flap Purse (In-theHoop) Craft a fashionable bohemian look with this unique in-the-hoop embroidery design! Stitch the front and back separately to add light, intricate decoration to each, then assemble in-the-hoop.
In-the-Hoop Bracelet_image In-the-Hoop Bracelet Wear autumn on your sleeve - or a glamorous in-the-hoop cuff! We'll show you how to stitch this stunning fashion accessory.
In-the-Hoop Zipper Pouch_image In-the-Hoop Zipper Pouch Zippers are easier than ever with specialized in-the-hoop embroidery designs. Follow along to stitch your own, and zip it good!
Jointed Doll (In-the-Hoop)_image Jointed Doll (In-the-Hoop) Stitch each piece of this playful bunny in-the-hoop, then stuff and assemble, complete with classic button joints. We'll show you how!
In-the-Hoop Corner Bookmark_image In-the-Hoop Corner Bookmark Stitch up this adorable corner bookmark in-the-hoop, then snuggle up with a kitty and a good book!
In-the-Hoop Cookies_image In-the-Hoop Cookies Stitch an in-the-hoop treat for your sweetie with adorable in-the-hoop cookie designs!
Crazy Patchwork Applique_image Crazy Patchwork Applique These in-the-hoop designs make wild crazy quilt patchwork simple and easy!
In-the-Hoop Fluffy Plushies_image In-the-Hoop Fluffy Plushies Snuggle up to these adorable in-the-hoop creatures, made extra wild with faux fur!
Nordic Gnome (In-the-Hoop)_image Nordic Gnome (In-the-Hoop) A faux fur beard brings over-the-top charm to this little in-the-hoop gnome! Just stitch, turn, and stuff -- we'll show you how.
Lace Trimmed Stocking (In-the-Hoop)_image Lace Trimmed Stocking (In-the-Hoop) Trim the Christmas tree or present tiny gifts in this little stocking! Stitch the lace first, then add it as you stitch this design in-the-hoop.
In-the-Hoop Quilt Blocks_image In-the-Hoop Quilt Blocks Get the convenience of machine embroidered applique, plus the look of traditional patchwork, with in-the-hoop quilt blocks!
Freestanding Organza_image Freestanding Organza Create vivid and dynamic ocean embroidery with designs spcifically digitized for freestanding organza!
Freestanding Organza Feather_image Freestanding Organza Feather Drift away with your own freestanding organza creations, specifically designed for a gorgeous delicate look.
Open Center Patch_image Open Center Patch Create a unique patch with an open center!
Sleep Masks_image Sleep Masks Take a restful cat nap in this adorable in-the-hoop eye mask!
Cloud Stuffie Mobile_image Cloud Stuffie Mobile Let this adorable stuffed cloud mobile shine in your home, kid's playroom, or office cubicle!
Stitch & Turn Stuffie with Felt Pieces_image Stitch & Turn Stuffie with Felt Pieces Create your own lovable stuffed stegosaurus or dragon with this easy DIY tutorial.
Stitch & Turn Stuffies with Applique_image Stitch & Turn Stuffies with Applique Stitch an adorable plush toy in the hoop, then turn and stuff! A second layer of applique fabric makes these designs unique.
Plushie Pals_image Plushie Pals Stitch an army of plush friends with these in-the-hoop designs! Stitch and turn appendages separately for a smooth, polished look.
Fluffy Yeti_image Fluffy Yeti Know what winter calls for? Fluffy yetis. Stitch up your own plush yeti ornament or toy in-the-hoop, complete with faux fur fabric!
Lace-Up Bottle Label_image Lace-Up Bottle Label Dress up a bottle of wine for a spooky soiree with this apothecary-style bottle label that laces up like a corset!
Tiny Plush Unicorn_image Tiny Plush Unicorn Bring some magic to your day with this stitch-and-turn unicorn design, complete with yarn mane and tail!