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Freestanding Fabric Designs_image
Freestanding Fabric Designs Embroider on sturdy, non-fraying felt, then cut out the shape along the cut line. These designs are quick and simple to stitch - we'll show you how!
Freestanding Fabric Anemone_image Freestanding Fabric Anemone Create beautiful freestanding flowers in a fraction of the time with felt and light stitching.
Freestanding Layered Lace_image Freestanding Layered Lace Creating freestanding lace on your embroidery machine is always magical -- and combining layers of lace is a delightful way to create depth and dimension!
Lace Candle Wrap_image Lace Candle Wrap Give your decor a handcrafted touch with delicate lace candle wraps! We'll show you how to stitch adornments for a variety of candle sizes.
Freestanding Articulated Unicorn_image Freestanding Articulated Unicorn Craft a unicorn design so magical, the stitches stand on their own -- and the joints even move!
Soft Scalloped Brooch_image Soft Scalloped Brooch Bring your outfits a bit of vintage flair with this pretty lace brooch.
3D Layered Lace_image 3D Layered Lace Layers of freestanding lace bring beauty and dimension to elegant home decor.
Supple Succulent_image Supple Succulent Grow this beautiful succulent with colorful thread and a bit of creativity!
Soft Petals Rose_image Soft Petals Rose Stitch the petals of this unique rose on water-soluble stabilizer, rinse to leave only thread, and let a lovely rose bloom!
Layered Lace Ornaments_image Layered Lace Ornaments Craft some holiday magic with these layered freestanding lace ornaments!
Layered Lace Butterfly_image Layered Lace Butterfly Let these double layered lace butterflies bring natural beauty to your decor!
3D Lace Skull_image 3D Lace Skull Craft spooky decor with this pretty skull, sculpted out of freestanding lace!
3D Lace Fairy in Flight_image 3D Lace Fairy in Flight Flutter away with this 3-Dimensional lace fairy ornament!
Lace Cowgirl Hat_image Lace Cowgirl Hat Create the perfect western-style tiny hat using this simple freestanding lace embroidery design!
Lace Lotus Candle Holder_image Lace Lotus Candle Holder Light up your home with this gorgeous freestanding lace lotus tealight holder.
Lace Butterfly Wreath_image Lace Butterfly Wreath Embroider delicate freestanding lace butterflies and craft a beautiful home decor piece with this simple tutorial.
Blooming Lace Bouquet_image Blooming Lace Bouquet Craft a blooming bouquet of freestanding lace flowers for your home or events!
Petite Lace Parasol_image Petite Lace Parasol Drift into Spring and Summer with a tiny lace parasol -- perfect for decorating planters and more!
Enchanted Shadowbox_image Enchanted Shadowbox Bring your layered embroidery scenes to life in a magical way -- with this enchanting shadowbox!
Lace Wing Shirt_image Lace Wing Shirt Take flight! Embellish your favorite tops with these freestanding lace wings.
Lace Eiffel Tower_image Lace Eiffel Tower Craft your own mini trip to the romantic city of Paris with this lace Eiffel Tower!
Spiral Lace Tree_image Spiral Lace Tree Stitch up some fresh holiday decor with this freestanding lace spiral Christmas tree!
Lace Wreath_image Lace Wreath Decorate your home for the holidays in rustic Yuletide spleandor with this elegant freestanding lace wreath!
Under the Mistletoe_image Under the Mistletoe Dress up your home with a unique twist on the Christmas classic: a full sprig of freestanding lace mistletoe!
Santa's Sleigh_image Santa's Sleigh Craft a magical ornament or Christmas decor piece by embroidering Santa's sleigh!
Lace Pirate Ship_image Lace Pirate Ship Set sail with this charming freestanding lace pirate ship!
Lace Skull Bowl_image Lace Skull Bowl Tricks or treats? Hold 'em both in this elegant freestanding lace bowl!
Haunting Lace Scene_image Haunting Lace Scene Craft a haunting lace scene as statement piece in your home for Halloween!
Lace Pirate Patch_image Lace Pirate Patch Ahoy Matey! Set course for the high seas with this lace pirate eye patch!
Lace Treasure Box_image Lace Treasure Box Craft your own lace treasure box for your jewelry and trickets. This simple tutorial will show you how!