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Raw Edge Vinyl Applique

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Using applique with your embroidery is a fun way to add another layer of dimension to your projects. The Succulent Terrarium design adds another layer of intrigue to the applique process, as it's designed to be used specifically with a clear vinyl material to give the look of glass surrounding a plant terrarium. Similar to the raw-edge applique process, this tutorial will show you how easy it can be done with clear vinyl material.

Designs Used

To craft your clear vinyl applique project, you will need:

  • Succulent Terrarium (Applique) embroidery design
  • Sturdy fabric (we used a twill fabric)
  • Medium weight cutaway stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Clear vinyl
  • Thread for your embroidery
  • Scissors

Clear vinyl material can be found at your local craft store. We used a 20 gauge clear vinyl, but a thinner weight will do just as well while still being able to use a 75/11 sharp needle.

Start by cutting a rectangle of your vinyl that extends 1-2 inches in all directions out from your finished design. For example, the largest Succulent Terrarium design is 5.67" x 10.91", so you would cut a rectangle approximately 8" x 13" to ensure your bottle is completely covered. (The maximum width and height of your embroidery design are listed on the product page and in your order history.)

There are no applique dielines or templates needed for these designs, so you can start embroidering! Make sure you use a medium weight cutaway stabilizer, adhered to the back of your fabric with temporary spray adhesive. Hoop both layers together taut for best results.

You will notice that the outside of the bottle will embroider as part of the design, along with the painterly details of the plants, but the final thread change (number 22 for the Succulent Terrarium) will embroider a tackdown for the vinyl. Carefully spray the corners and edges of your vinyl rectangle with temporary spray adhesive and lay it on top of your embroidery without unhooping the design.

NOTE: Before the last color change, make sure to trim any jump stitches or thread ends from the design.

Remove the fabric from your hoop and cut the vinyl evenly around the edge of your embroidery. You can use the stitches to guide your scissors.

NOTE: It may be necessary to use a smaller pair of scissors to get into the tighter corners of the design.

There you have it! Your enclosed plant terrarium, embroidered onto your favorite tote, pillow, wall hanging, and more!

A satin stitch border gives this squirrel's specs a stylish look. This design stitches just like the rest, except a satin stith after the initial tackdown covers the edge of the vinyl.

For sassy and attention-getting decor, these unique designs are a clear choice!

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