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The season is getting colder, the nights darker. It’s nice to carry a little warmth in our pocket, especially when it still has the dark elegance and warm scented spices of the season. Bring a little warmth to your chilly days with these super simple little pocket warmers!


To make your little poison pocket warmers, you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Pretty Poison embroidery designs (or any design, really!) I picked the smallest size of the designs.
  • Cutaway stabilizer
  • Scissors and pins
  • Rice
  • Powdered cider or other yummy spices

The cider/spices are totally, optional, but they do make these wicked little warmers smell deliciously like fall.

Designs Used

Start with the embroidery. Hoop up your fabric with the cutaway stabilizer, and stitch your 4" x 4" size design. I picked my four favorite little Pretty Poison designs, as a fun twist on carrying something wholesome in my pocket. Who knew deadly nightshade could be so cozy?

When you’ve stitched your four, cut them into small squares, like shown. If you’re doing them as a set, I’d advise cutting them all the same size and shape.

Cut some matching back pieces for each piece, and pin the fabrics right side together.

Sew a seam around the edge of each square, leaving a small opening in the bottom of each one.

When you’re done sewing, turn each one right side out through the small opening and push out the corners.

Through that same opening, carefully fill each pouch with enough rice to give it about the same weight and heft as a beanbag.

As an extra spicy little touch, I also gave each pouch a little bit of apple cider powder mix, so that it would smell deliciously of apples, cinnamon and fall every time it gets warmed up.

Plus, poison packets should have a little bit of a surprise in store...

Once your pocket warmers are all filled with their rice and spicy goods, stitch them shut. I used my machine, but you can also stitch them shut by hand to hide the seam.

Package them up with a little bow or give them out individually. They’re perfect for warming cold hands while trick-or-treating too!

Now you have a delightfully devilish little poison pack perfectly suited to warming up cold hands on cool autumn days, scented like the decadence of fall.

Just pop your little poison pack in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds to keep your hands toasty long into the winter!