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How to Make an Embroidered Crossbody Purse

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Skip the store and make something fashionable for yourself with our tutorial for making a machine embroidered crossbody purse! We used faux leather, but you can use any fabric that you choose. Gather your supplies, and follow along with the steps below to learn more.


  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Medium cutaway stablilizer
  • Embroidery thread
  • 1 yard main bag fabric 
  • 1 yard liner fabric
  • 2 - 1 1/4" D Rings


  • Scissors
  • Air erase or marking pen
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Iron


Designs Used

To start print a pattern using the downloadable PDF provided at the beginning of this tutorial. After printing, line up the pattern pieces using the registration marks, then secure the pieces together with tape.

Spray the wrong side of your main fabric pieces with temporary spray adhesive (these will be used for the front piece, back piece, and side pieces of the bag), then smooth onto piece of cut away stabilizer. The exterior front flap piece will be done separately after embroidering. 

Trace the patterns onto your main fabric and stabilizer with a marking tool of your choice. 

Cut out each piece, being careful to follow any instructions located on the pattern pieces. At this time, do not cut out a piece for the exterior side of the front flap. 

The previous steps for the lining pieces, and cut out all the lining pieces, including the front flap lining piece.

Next, trace the front purse flap pattern piece onto your front flap fabric. 

Print a template of your chosen embroidery design using embroidery software. If you do not have embroidery software, you can also cut a piece of plain paper to the dimensions of your design, then draw a vertical and horizontal line through the center point. Then draw crosshairs through the center of your purse flap fabric with your marking tool. The pattern piece for the purse flap has these marked for your convenience. 

Hoop the stabilizer and fabric with the crosshairs centered.

Center the needle on the crosshairs and begin to sew out the design.

Follow the color change sheet to embroider the rest of the design.

After sewing, remove from the hoop and cut out the design.  

Sew the main purse flap fabric to the purse flap liner with right sides together. Leave the top open for turning.

Clip the curves at the base of the bag flap to remove some of the bulk for easier turning.

Flip the bag flap right-side out and press the seams flat using an iron and cloth.

Match the bottom edges of the side pieces together, and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Sew the purse front piece to the purse side piece with a 1/2" seam allowance. The top edge of the front piece and the short ends of the side piece should be equal height at the corners. 

Do the same on the other side to attach the purse back. Then cut notches into bottom curves and turn the purse right side out. 

To make the lining, repeat the previous steps, but do not turn the fabric once stitching is complete.

Flip the upper edge of both the purse body and lining fabric 1/2" over on the wrong side of the fabric to make a clean finished edge, then press the seams. 

Insert the lining into the purse body with the wrong sides together. Pin or clip the top edge of the body and lining pieces together, making sure that the 1/2" seams remain folded inward to create a finished edge. 

Next, take the pieces for the handle loops and fold both long sides in by 1/4". Press the fold using an ion and pressing cloth. 

Fold the handle loop piece in half and top stitch along both of the long edges. Repeat with the other piece.

Take one of the D ring hardware pieces and thread it onto a handle loop piece.

Insert the unfinished ends of the handle loop with hardware in-between the liner and the main fabric of the purse side. Pin in place. Repeat the two previous steps on the other side.

Take the purse flap and insert the unfinished end in between the liner and the main fabric of the purse back. Pin in place.

Topstitch 1/4" from the top edge along the entire top of the bag to secure the lining, the flap, and the two D ring pieces. 

Now, cut a piece of fabric that is 3" wide by 45" long for the purse strap. If you desire a longer or shorter strap, you can adjust to your preference.

Take the strap and fold both long sides in 1/4" like with the handle loops. Press, then fold the strap in half and top stitch along both of the long edges.

Thread the strap through the D-ring hardware on the purse and secure with a seam. Once done, your bag is complete! Add a closure if you'd like at this point as well.