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Apothecary (Design Pack)






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About This Product

Craft a vintage apothecary with these designs on bath decor and more. Please note that some of the in-the-hoop designs, in the same sizes, are in other sizes of this pack too.

Designs Included in This Pack

Madame Nightshade's Bag (In the Hoop)
4.84"w x 6.81"h | 12063 stitches
Handmade in Paris Tag (In the Hoop)
2.44"w x 3.86"h | 4068 stitches
Elixir Apothecary Label
4.84"w x 6.26"h | 48596 stitches
Tonic Apothecary Label
6.85"w x 4.21"h | 46238 stitches
Love Potion Apothecary Label
4.84"w x 5.20"h | 40635 stitches
Miracle Cure Apothecary Label
6.34"w x 4.80"h | 35519 stitches
Ether Apothecary Label
4.84"w x 6.18"h | 44672 stitches
Liniment Apothecary Label
4.84"w x 6.34"h | 45663 stitches
Apothecary Sign
6.89"w x 4.57"h | 45155 stitches
Spa Sign
4.65"w x 6.85"h | 53684 stitches
Powder Room Sign
6.81"w x 4.88"h | 52978 stitches