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Sentiments of the Year (Design Pack)






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Celebrate the months of the year with the unique and contemporary stitches of these adorable designs. Combine these sentiments of the year designs to create totes, tea towels, and other creative projects!

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Included In: Seasons - All Four | Typography

Designs Included in This Pack

January Frosty Snowflake
1.77"w x 3.86"h | 4900 stitches
February Be Mine Rose
1.42"w x 3.90"h | 8279 stitches
March Lucky Shamrock
1.57"w x 3.86"h | 4723 stitches
April Breeze Pinwheel
1.54"w x 3.86"h | 4479 stitches
May Bloom Daffodil
1.26"w x 3.86"h | 6275 stitches
June Shine Sun
1.85"w x 3.86"h | 4366 stitches
July Sparkle Firework
1.73"w x 3.90"h | 3037 stitches
August Be Kind Bee
1.85"w x 3.90"h | 6192 stitches
September Harvest Maple Leaf
1.85"w x 3.86"h | 5246 stitches
October Spooky Spiderweb
1.69"w x 3.90"h | 5372 stitches
November Grateful Sunflower
1.38"w x 3.90"h | 7497 stitches
December Pucker Up Mistletoe
1.46"w x 3.90"h | 6951 stitches