Lace Cuff

You know what some of my favorite projects are? The ones that require minimal effort and still look totally awesome. This is one of those kinds of projects. Through the magic of your embroidery machine and the addition of a little bit of ribbon, you have a fast and stylin' accessory.

So, to make your cuff, you just need a few basic things. This tutorial starts out assuming you’ve already stitched your freestanding lace cuff embroidery design, either the one-piece or two-piece version. New to freestanding lace? Here's how to stitch these unique designs!

In addition to your lace pieces, you’ll need some 3/8" ribbon. If you have the lace in two pieces, you’ll also want some matching thread and a hand-sewing needle.



If you have a large hoop and stitched the one-piece version, you’re in luck, and can skip this step.

If you have the two piece version, you’ll notice there’s a way these two pieces fit together, a bit like a puzzle. Once you’ve got the two edges matched up, flip the whole thing over to the back.

Grab your needle and thread and add a few stitches to stitch the two pieces together. I prefer to do this on the back of the lace, so any slightly messy stitches aren’t seen from the front. Be sure to secure this in a couple of places, so becomes one large secure piece of lace.



This is what the two pieces look like when they’re stitched together. You can’t even tell they used to be two parts!

All you need to do now is cut a piece of ribbon maybe 12 inches long, and lace it through the gaps in the cuff. Once it’s laced through, you can use the ribbon to tie on your cuff.



Simple and chic! In no time at all, your machine and a little craftiness let you rock a new accessory perfect for casual to dressy occasions.

Change the ribbon out to match different looks, stitch it all in white for a wedding... any look you can imagine, you can customize it your way.


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