Lace Lotus Candle Holder

Set a relaxing scene in your home or office with this delicate lotus creation! With shining metallic thread and an accent color, and perfectly sized for electric tea lights, this charming piece is easy to craft and a classy addition to any decor.

To craft your freestanding lace 3D Lotus Candle Holder, you will need:

  • Lotus Candle Holder (Lace) embroidery design
  • Heavy duty water soluble stabilizer, such as Vilene or Sulky Ultra Solvy
  • 40 wt. rayon thread for your embroidery
  • 30 wt. metallic thread for your embroidery
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Scissors
  • Electric tea light


Begin by stitching the seven pieces of freestanding lace onto heavy duty water-soluble stabilizer using 40 wt. rayon thread for best results. Once you're done stitching, rinse and dry each piece completely. (Here's more on stitching freestanding lace).

Using either a hand sewing needle or a hot glue gun, attach the first petal piece onto the center piece, making sure the wrong side of the lace is facing in towards the center.



Continue to add two more petal pieces, one by one, all the way around the center.

Then repeat the process to attach the remaining three petal pieces as a second layer onto the center piece.



Fold up the inner layer of petals, making sure they all overlap slightly. Either hand sew or glue the petals together to hold them in place.

Next, curve the outer petals up with your fingers until the edges just touch at the widest point of the petal. Hand tack the edges of the petals at that point with a hand sewing needle. For this step, it is recommended to sew and not glue the petals side by side as the tension from the curve of the petals can make it difficult for the glue to hold them together.



Set your battery-powered tea light into the center of your lace creation, and decorate your home with these delightful candle holders!

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